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Impact on the Environment

The emissions of our technology are about 20% lower than EU standards. Our technology is one of the best on the market inside and outside the EU, because our goal is not just to generate electricity. The goal is to solve the long-standing waste problem. This will significantly reduce air, ground and surface water and soil pollution.

    Regulations and standards
    The technology we will use is not new and has not been tested. The equipment is already used in several countries in the European Union, and is in full compliance with:
    • EU Waste Management Standards (WMD)
    • Waste Incineration (WID)
    • Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) Directives
    • Advanced heat treatment (gasification) WAT technology recognized by DECC
    Commitment to the Environment
    In RSM, landfill waste storage is the only organized way of waste treatment. The capacity of the existing landfills in most municipalities is full, while most landfills do not meet even the minimum technical requirements. There is no controlled discharge of landfill gas resulting from the decomposition of waste in the landfill, which could lead to fire or explosion.
    The filtered water from the landfill is not collected or treated and this can endanger the groundwater and surface water and the soil, due to the high content of organic materials and heavy metals.

ZOKA ENERGY SOLUTION with its engineering team and cooperation with internationally renowned European companies, who have extensive experience in this field for processing of all types of waste, developed a project that is tailored as the only possible solution to solve the long-standing waste problem in our state.

Our process of generating electricity eliminates about 90% of all waste, and the minimal release of carbon in the process leads to significantly reduced air pollution. As a renewable energy source, our technology provides key national benefits in terms of waste, emissions and global warming.

Results and benefits

  • Solution to the problem of pollution of legal and illegal landfills. (Prevention of toxic gas emissions, soil and groundwater pollution, microbiological pollution, prevention of uncontrolled fires, etc.).
  • Permanent remediation and removal of regulated and illegal landfills.
  • Prevention of pollution resulting from the incineration of agricultural waste in the open.
  • Transformation of waste into renewable energy and raw materials.
  • Encouraging economic development by creating new jobs and hiring a large number of Macedonian companies.
  • Stimulation of a healthy life of the socially endangered categories
  • Reducing the use of fossil fuels.
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